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Welcome to the Benchmark CAPS compliant viewer for Judicial users. Please log in so that we may provide you with the appropriate access rights.

The Judicial Website, originally constructed in 2002, was built for the purpose of allowing members of the judicial community to have access to information and functional tools that would enable them to more efficiently work together. This new viewer, provided by Pioneer Technologies, Inc., replaces the Judicial Website as the new tool to provide initially the judiciary with the same functionality as before. Users are assigned rights and roles which control the security of the site; users are also assigned usernames and passwords to further secure access. Although this site is supported and housed by Clerks, a statewide users group determines the functional requirements.

Users of this site currently include judges, court administrative staff, and Clerk employees. In the future, attorneys, agencies and their staff will be included. We have tried to bring everyone together on this site so we can provide a common access point and functional tools that everyone can use to their individual benefit and well as to the benefit of others.

This new site is designed with a navigation section, located to the left, that guides you to some popular work related items, such as Searches, Dockets, Calendars, Tasks, Image Viewing, Case Lists, Recent Cases, and some frequently used links. Once you are within a function, there are the usual tabs to subdivide the workflow. The navigation panel is customized for individual groups such as judges, clersk, agencies, and attorneys. This navigation can be further customized down to the user level. Under each tab, there are many functional pages that have been designed over the years with the help of the users. Under the orange “?” button (HELP), there is a Leon-specific training manual in PDF format that provides a comprehensive overview, screen shots, and specific directions on how to use the site.

We would like to thank and give credit to for achieving CAPS compliance and helping us give you this site.